About Jeremy

Jeremy Garcon’s art goes for the jugular – typically his own. A master storyteller and communicator, Garcon’s work gives voice to characters and dialogue in a way few poets can. The result: words and pictures that leave audiences and readers laughing, longing, and wanting more. Garcon grew up in Washington, DC and lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

About Lip Service

'Lip Service' takes an unflinching look at life and love, relationships and sex, monogamy, marriage, and growing up in a dysfunctional family and world.

"These are amazing poems, Jeremy Garcon is very smart – one way we know is that he put the poem ‘Think’ first. Read that and just try not to read the rest."

Shannon Ravenel, Former Editor
Best American Short Stories
New Stories from the South

Conversations with Jeremy

Jeremy presents his poetry and images to arts and university audiences around the world. His hour-long interactive experiences include readings, lively Q&A and frank lip-service free discussions of topics related to Jeremy’s work. Conversations at his public appearances commonly touch on love, relationships, marriage, monogamy, sex and sexuality, racism, bigotry, suicide prevention, cross-cultural living, gender identity and closed-mindedness. Upcoming events are planned in Mexico City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, Guadalajara, Washington, DC, Paris and Amsterdam. For more information, contact Jeremy.