On the Corner of S and Connecticut

My daughter and I are stopped on the street when a homeless man
approaches us and asks: Where were the police when that gang of thugs
cut off my dick?
He’s eating Chinese food out of a carton, with his fingers,
and he extends his hand to offer us a bite. All I can think is, What if his
penis is in that carton?
He waves the box at us and starts to lose patience.
I feel compelled to take it because I don’t want to be rude. And, I sure
as hell don’t want my daughter to eat any. We all know that Americans
don’t eat real Chinese food. And, I can’t help but wonder whether any
of us could tell the difference between General Tso’s or Genital Tso’s?
The truth is I wouldn’t know the difference. I’d say both tasted like chicken,
complain it needed salt and ask if he had any soy sauce. And, we all know
crazy people don’t carry soy sauce.